1 lg Handmade Button - Polymer Clay - Diamond - Key Lime Green

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Product Description

A colorful and cheerful button for your fiber art projects!

About: With this listing you receive 1 large Diamond shape in a 2-tone Lime and Green with a tiny hint of mica sparkle. These buttons are done with my own imitative ceramic technique. No varnish was used, however they have a nice satiny gloss sheen.

Generous button holes with thread channel.(3cm...30mm wide and approx 3mm thick; 1 1/8" wide and 3/16" thick)

Care: Hand or machine wash and dry on a warm setting. (I've tested these fairly rigorously by mounting on a swatch of fabric and running them through both wash and dry with a load of jeans and heavy towels...don't try this with real ceramic buttons) Garment should be turned so buttons are inside.
No dry-clean.

The Buttons are carded beautifully and ready to adorn your projects.
These Buttons are made to order and although I may have them ready to ship same day, please allow 3 to 4 days for creation prior shipping.

A note on colour...Monitors vary slightly in colour display. I have represented the colour of my pieces as accurately as possible, but it may look slightly different on your monitor.

If you have any questions regarding colour (or buttons) please contact me.

(c)2010 Tina Holden, All Rights Reserved

1 lg Handmade Button - Polymer Clay - Diamond - Key Lime Green

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