Beadcomber Silk Screen - Snowflake D3 Silkscreen Design for polymer clay, paper, fabric and more and DIY


Beadcomber Silk Screen - Puzzle pieces Silkscreen for Polymer clay, Paper Crafts, painted patterns on smooth surfaces and DIY


Beadcomber Silk Screen - Turkish Delight Silkscreen Design BC55 for polymer clay, paper, fabric, glass, metal and more and DIY


Balance - Art Doll Face Cabochon - handmade


Thors Hammer Mold Style 2 - Polymer Clay


Striped Crackle Beads and Pendants - Polymer clay Tutorial - Digital PDF Download


Beadcomber Silk Screen - 10 Tribal Silkscreen sampler kit for polymer clay, paper, fabric, glass, metal and more and DIY


Artist made Lg Mermaid Tail Flexible Mold - 2 inches tall - for Polymer Clay, Resin, Porcelain, PMC, Chocolate, Paper clay, soap, and crafts


Honeycomb or Snake Texture - Polymer Clay Tutorial


Set of 3 Sea Urchin cabochons or pendants


Large amazonite blue green Sea Urchin Cabochon - 57mm handmade focal


4 Beach or Marine themed mini molds no4 - flexible silicone rubber - seal, frogs, lizard for polymer clay, precious metal clay and crafts


Sea and Land Turtle Pendants - Polymer Clay Tutorial - Digital PDF File Download


Beadcomber Silk Screen - Starfish & Sea Urchin Silkscreen for Polymer Clay, Clay Stencil, Glass Etching, Air brushing, Screen Printing


Beadcomber Silk Screen - Sea Urchin Silkscreen for polymer clay, porcelain, paper, fabric, glass, metal, wood and more and DIY


Sea Urchin Cabochon or Pendant in various sizes - Polymer Clay - Imitative Raku


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