40 mm Egyptian Horses Cabochon - handmade

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Product Description

Another one of my cabochons. From an old Egyptian Reproduction of a King Tut scene, the heads of 2 horses pulling his Chariot. It's from a hunting scene and I have a larger Cabochon featuring King Tut as a hunter in Archer pose.

Handmade from durable polymer clay. Choose from imitative raku (also known as oilslick or harlequin) or opt for another finish from the drop down menu. Photos 3 and 4 show gold on a cream background.

The Cabochon is textured on the back, so could be turned into a pendant. Will adhere well with glue as the texture will give it more grip. Cabochon about 3 to 4 mm deep, thicker at the raised parts.
Glossy Finish with exception of the imitative (or vegan) bone.

Quantity: 1 (more available and custom colors as well)
Size: 40mm round

40 mm Egyptian Horses Cabochon - handmade 40 mm Egyptian Horses Cabochon - handmade 40 mm Egyptian Horses Cabochon - handmade

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