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Pair of Buttons - large Lotus design and texture in Green, Brown or Turquoise, hints of sparkles, Imitative Ceramic Polymer.


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Pair of Buttons - large round 36 mm Silkscreen Feather design on polymer.


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1 lg Handmade Button - Polymer Clay - Diamond - Key Lime Green


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Handmade Button - Polymer Clay - Diamond - Amber Blush


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1 lg Handmade Polymer Clay Button - Round - Lavender


Tina's handmade Silkscreens, Molds, Tutorials and much more

If you have a design you want translated...I do custom work for both polymer clay as well as for Silkscreens. If you have a black and white drawing ready, message me!
For Tutorial purchases, please download them within 7 days or the link/s won't work and then I have to email you the files. I don't mind doing that but it might take me a day or two to get to your message. So much to do! :D